We're dedicated to making your roofing experience extraordinary.


Crest Contracting and Roofing provides quality commercial roofing services across the south. Licensed in Texas, South Carolina, and Tennessee we are here to help you through the process from start to finish. Our team of courteous professionals, with decades of commercial construction and roofing experience look forward to going the extra mile to be sure that you are satisfied with your roof. 


Not your average roofing company


When you hire Crest Contracting and Roofing to install your roof, you can expect an upfront and detailed explanation of every aspect of the solution we will provide. We understand that clear communication is important to maintain our relationship with you and our stellar reputation. These are services we offer, but our customer service doesn't stop there: 

  • Commercial Roof Systems
  • Roof Coating Systems
  • TPO Roof Systems 
  • Metal Roof Replacement
  • Elastomeric Coatings
  • Commercial Metal Roof Systems
  • Metal Roof Reconditioning
  • Commercial Shingle Roof Projects
  • Hail and Wind Damage Experts
  • Much More

The view looks good from up here!


Here's a look at just some of our recent commercial roofing projects. We take pride in what we do and look forward to helping you with your roofing needs. 

Houston Commercial Roofing_Gardner Glass_Commercial Roofing Texas _Crest Contracting and Roofing

Gardner Glass (Huntsville)

A recent successful Metal Roof Replacement in the Houston area, Gardner Glass. This sprawling 70,000 square foot facility needed full R-panel metal replacement, new installation, and new trim. They provided the building and we provided the quality metal installation and attention to detail -- a perfect match!  

Amarr Garage Doors_Houston Commercial Roofing_Commercial Roofing Texas _Crest Contracting and Roofing

Amarr Garage Doors (Houston)

Our team worked with the fine folks of Amarr Garage Door to assess damage to their facility after a recent storm and helped them through the entire process from start to finish. For this project we installed 47,000 square feet of 3" Trapezoidal standing seam metal replacement, new insulation and trim.

Perkins Drilling_Houston Commercial Roofing_Commercial Roofing Texas _Crest Contracting and Roofing

Perkins Drilling (Houston)

For Perkins Drilling we installed 24,500 square feet of metal retrofit TPO Overlay System to the previous R-panel metal roof system. This system added insulation to the roof along with the white, reflective TPO membrane to create a superior energy efficient and waterproof roof. This project required the type of creative solution we're known for at Crest Contracting and Roofing! 

Eagle Marine_Houston Commercial Roofing_Commercial Roofing Texas _Crest Contracting and Roofing

Eagle Marine (Fort Worth)

We worked with Eagle Marine to assess the damage to their facility and  provided 45,000 square feet of R-panel metal replacement, complete with new insulation, new trim, gutters, new HVAC units, windscreen and signs. Another successful CCR installation!